The DC Pearls III Foundation, Inc.,
in conjunction with,
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, IncorporatedĀ®, Rho Mu Omega Chapter
Proudly Announce Our
Pearl Ball Debutante Cotillion Program
for 2020-2021

Historically, a cotillion was characterized as an elaborate, formal dance. In recent years, it is most often recognized as a formal presentation of young ladies referred to as debutantes. These young ladies are presented to society after they have developed a sense of poise, grace, social etiquette skills and acquired a sense of responsibility and achievement that prepares them to master lifeā€™s challenges as a lady. 

DC Pearls III Rho Mu Omega Chapter embraces the concept of a cotillion concept as an opportunity to introduce young women to society through cultural experiences. This process offers a range of social, personal, career and educational enrichment opportunities for young women.

Activities consist of personal development workshops, community service projects or opportunities, etiquette training and more! Selected participants learn how to successfully transition into the next stage of their high school career before taking their bow and being presented to society at the Debutante Cotillion Ball.

Interested Applicants Should:
* Reside in the DC Metropolitan Area
* Be a Rising Junior or Senior
* Demonstrate Academic Success
* Contribute Positively to their School
* Be actively Involved in the Community

The Application Process

The Application Deadline is July 31, 2020

The Application Fee is $35
(payable upon submission of the application)

Please click the Application Button below
to learn more about the application process